The simplest and most satisfying of meals. And a good one to make in the morning before you’re even awake, especially because everyone knows that calories eaten whilst unconscious don’t count. (If they ever do).

This will become your pancake fail-safe.
It is essentially an american pancake recipe but use it to make BIG pancakes out of. They are soft and light and the right amount of sweet and you can eat 10 in one sitting, so win.


self-raising – 1 and a half cups
sugar – 1/4 of a cup
bicarb – a bit
milk – 1 cup
egg – 1 egg

  1. Bung it all in a bowl and whisk until there are no lumps and you have a double cream consistency.
  2. Get your pan warm, use a teflon coated one otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for strife. Ladle out your first pancake into the hot pan, and start thinking about your fillings. Flip it over when bubbles start to pop up through and burst.
  3. Whack your oven on a low temperature, pop that flip pancake on a plate and lob it in the oven whilst you cook the rest, flipping them all into your oven stack as you go.
  4. When there’s no mixture left, shout at whoever else is in the house to do the washing up and take the whole pile to bed with blueberries, maple syrup and yogurt. (If there’s no-one else living in your house, put all the washing up in the bin).