Follow Your Stomach

My January to do list is now scarily near completion. February’s to do list is much less packed: ‘Don’t miss flight, remember to have time of your life’. If I manage to successfully board the plane, I will be travelling 48 hours to Melbourne where I intend to stay for a year and eat my way to becoming a proper chef with pastry skills and sauce expertise and many many recipes covering the blog, my notebooks and maybe even tattooed onto my skin. 

Two years in London have seen my days transform from bum-skin skintness and water porridge to food-filled restaurant reviews and recipe testings with some of the kindest, most talented people I have ever met. In the hope of continuing my lucky streak, and of the perpetual satisfaction of my stomach, I am embarking on the best of adventures- namely a world wide kitchen touring one. I’ll be working all over from Social Enterprise cafes to Organic Farms to massive yachts and writing up all the delicious I can find. 

Australia for a year, New Zealand, Japan and then South East Asia. From there I will be heading back to tiny Lincolnshirean Harrington and the family farm by any route which seems most sensible at the time and staying with anyone divvy enough to let me in their near proximity with a wooden spoon and a spatula. 

When I’m back in England if anyone comments on the 8 stone I’ve amassed whilst away, be aware your invite to the restaurant I will open when I’m an adult will be irrevocably rescinded.